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Queen Fifi Soumah the reigning Miss Africa USA, having embarked on her journey as a Goodwill Ambassador will be supporting yet another community project, this time, the Gambian Christian People’s Association. The 6th Annual Weekend of Fun event promises to be a lot of fun for a very good cause.

The GCPA DC has successfully awarded more than 100 scholarships to date to the University of The Gambia, tertiary institutes and secondary and primary schools. These scholarships go directly to the Gambia and support students based on need and academic merit.  GCPA  DC will continue to organize “Operation Clothe Gambia” which has now become an event to collect clothing, books and toys in Maryland to ship and distribute to the needy both in urban and rural areas.

GCPA  DC recently partnered with other Gambian organizations in Maryland on a successful “Support the Gambia Flood Victims” fundraiser which brought in over $6,500.00 in monetary contributions and shipped a 20-foot sea-land container full of clothes, shoes, food, exercise books, and other household items valued at $16000.00 to The Gambia that was distributed by The Gambia Red Cross Society.

One hundred percent of the funds we raise through our annual gala go directly to support projects in The Gambia. As we grow, we plan on embarking on bigger projects that will continue to directly impact Gambians all over the world. Gambian Christian Peoples Association of Metropolitan DC (GCPA-DC) is registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah feels very honored to have been invited as a Special Guest to support the GCPA DC fund raising event. She has kept a busy schedule since winning the crown, supporting various charitable causes across the United States of America.  She hopes to continue promoting such noble causes as she continues her successful reign as Queen.

Queen Fifi Soumah is also very happy to join the GCPA DC Event Guest of Honor,  Rev Father Joseph Gough, a household name in The Gambia as described by writer Ebrima Sankareh in the Gambia Echo.  Rev Father Gough became an Honorary Citizen of The Gambia a couple of years ago, granted a Gambian Diplomatic Passport and named as The Gambia’s Ambassador at Large by the Head of State of the Republic of Gambia. Father Gough was recognized for his service to the African Nation promoting education and sportsmanship.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT FATHER GOUGH

Queen Fifi Soumah invites all her friends and supporters to come out and support the Gambian Christian People’s Association of DC Fund Raiser. If you plan to attend this Splendid event, just remember to put on your best gear as you can see from last year event, it was a ‘dress to impress’ red carpet event.

For Information on Tickets and to learn more about the organization, Please visit the GCPA DC website:



Miss Africa USA, Fifi Soumah’s Debut at the 2011 F.A.C.E LIST Awards in New York City.

Queen Fatoumata Soumah Speaking at the 2011 F.A.C.E LIST Awards in New York City.

The Fascinating Africans Committed to Excellence Awards (F.A.C.E. List)

The Fascinating Africans Committed to Excellence Awards (FACE LIST) is the brain Child of FACE2FACE Africa, a media company highlighting the excellence of Africans world wide.  This is an annual event designed to honor Africans who are committed to excellence in their respective fields in an effort to contribute to the betterment of Africa’s image. A brighter Africa’s future is directly tied to the struggles of individuals who commit themselves to making Africa’s potential realized globally.

Face2face Africa believes that partnership and collaboration is one of the keys to restoring Africa’s image. For this reason, F2F Africa has chosen one non-for-profit organization that is contributing immensely to the development of the continent to be the beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds from the event.

Jewish Heart for Africa is the type of organization that Face2face Africa likes to partner with. This not for profit organization is committed to teaching Africans in villages who lack resources and education, the importance of being self-reliant. All of Jewish Heart for Africa’s initiatives are hands on and are geared to ensure that the local people learn how to create their own and be self sufficient from the process.

Queen Fifi Soumah and All Time African Star, Awilo Logumba at the 2011 F.A.C.E. LIST Awards in New York City.

The individuals who are being honored are the kind of people who will stop at nothing to be the flag bearers of Africa. They are our educators, our freedom fighters, our leaders, our culturists, our philanthropists, our artists and entertainers who have made a difference within the continent of Africa. Face2Face Africa seeks to ACKNOWLEDGE their hard work and commitment to enhancing Africa’s image with the F.A.C.E. List Awards.

Queen Fifi Soumah and Ghanaian Movie Star Jackie Appiah at the 2011 F.A.C.E. LIST Awards in New York City.

Queen Fifi Soumah and Princess Priscilla, 2nd Princess (Miss Africa Pagean 2010) attending the 2011 F.A.C.E. LIST Awards in New York City.

The mission of Jewish Heart for Africa is to bring sustainable Israeli technologies to rural African villages. The organization facilitates development in Africa using clean, alternative technologies in order to fight climate change, conserve water, and provide for sustainable economic development. The organization’s main projects include project soil, which installs Israeli solar panels to provide power to schools and clinics, and water pumping systems. Their other major project, Project Agro, uses innovative agricultural practices such as drip irrigation to make agriculture possible in regions of drought, providing food for villages and promoting eco- growth. The organization currently operates in Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Uganda and aspires to expand to other African countries.

For more information on Jewish Heart for Africa, visit:

Please also visit FACE2FACE  and learn more about the organization on their website. Simply click on the link below.

MISS AFRICA USA FIFI SOUMAH: Special Guest at the MacDella Cooper Foundaton’s L’Africana Night and Fund Raiser Supporting Children’s Education in Liberia

New York, January 2011—On Friday, February 18th, 2011, philanthropist MacDella Cooper, Founder of the MacDella Cooper Foundation and the MCF Academy will host L’AFRICANA NIGHT at the finale of New York Spring fashion week. The event honored Mr. Barry Segal with a Lifetime Achievement Award (for his philanthropic commitment to sub saharan Africa) Ms. Bisila Bokoko as L ‘Africana Woman of the Year (for her commitment to eradicating illiteracy in Africa)
Ms. Anna Schilawski will receive L ‘Africana Volunteer of the Year (for her commitment to the children of Liberia).

The Reigning Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah graced this occasion as a Special Guest of the Foundation to support the mission and vision of the organization.  Education of children especially girls is very close to Miss Fifi Soumah’s heart as she launches her own Foundation ‘Tears Away’ which provides scholarships for young girls in Guinea.

Queen Fatoumata (Fifi) Soumah on the Red Carpet at the MacDella Couper Foundation Fund Raiser in New York City.

The evening, hosted by Actor and activist, Mr. Isaiah Washington,  kick ed off with a live musical performance by Pop diva Zelma Davis, a collective designers runway show featuring African inspired garments designed exclusively for L ‘Africana Night by a range of designers including: Korto Momolu, Jedda Khan, Sunhee Hwang,  Issa Sorogo, Taylor Forrest, Lucia Eastman, Irina Shabayeva, Tedd Ion, Farai Simoyi and Selma Berisalic Starfinger. Following the show, each dress was  auctioned off.

Queen Fatoumata (Fifi) Soumah and Renowned Actor Isaiah Washington Interviewed by Hollywood TV

The Red Carpet reception and the taste of Africa Banquet kicked off at 6:30pm with the award presentation, runway show and performances starting promptly at 8:00 pm.  The night  included special appearances by: Actor Matt Dillon, and roster of world-class models including Millen Magese, Georgette Beidel, Animata Steele, Aminat Ayinde, Ashley Harris, Danijela Lazarevic, and Melissa Arocha to name a few.

Queen Fifi Soumah is interviewed by the Press at the MacDella Cooper Foundation Event in New York City.

L’Africana is a brand platform built around the design, creation, promotion, and distribution of African fashion, art, music, accessories, culture & cuisine. To date, African-inspired brands have primarily catered to Africans and a small number of non-Africans. L’Africana aspires to be a brand with strong international appeal through the fusion of African aesthetics and sensibilities with modern design, quality, and workmanship.

Ms Korto Momolu,  Fashion Designer from Project Runway and Lady Kate Njeuma, CEO of Miss Africa USA.

All proceeds from the event  benefited the MCF Academy for orphans and abandoned children in Monrovia, Liberia. The MCF Academy is the first tuition free boarding school dedicated to orphan and abandoned children in post-war Liberia. The Academy opened its doors on Christmas Day 2010 and will ultimately house and educate 200 children.

Join Miss Africa USA and a Host of Celebrities in New York City celebrating F.A.C.E LIST AWARDS.

Miss Africa USA, Fifi Soumah, Celebrity Guest at MacDella Cooper Fund Raising Gala in New York City








Isaiah Washington




6:00PM – 10:00PM.




L’Africana™ Night is a celebration of the fashion, music, culture & cuisine of Africa! All proceeds from this event will benefit the MCF Academy. Special guests include: Actors: Isaiah Washington & Matt Dillon; Pop Divas: Zelma Davis & Saycon Sengbloh; Designers: Irina Shabayeva, Korto Momolu; and a roster of world-class models including Millen Magese, Georgie Badiel, and Aminat Ayinde to name a few.

L’Africana™ Night is sponsored by The Segal Family Foundation and Greylock Capital Partners. The event is being held @ 2 W 64TH STREET from 6:00PM to 10:00PM and includes an After-Party starting at 11PM.


It is an honor indeed for Miss Africa USA 2010 Fifi Soumah to have been invited to participate in the World Bank Series looking at the perspectives of African youth on the development of Africa.  This project is quite similar to President Obama’s Open House with Young African Leaders which took place at the White House this fall.

The World Bank Series which is organized by the Communications Department of the Africa Division is geared at exploring the views and thoughts of African youth leaders, on development.  The youth are obviously the future and it is important to understand what they think  about development and if given the opportunity what they can do or advice others to do to help Africa develop.

On arrival at the World Bank, Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah was escorted to the interview room where the technical team were setting up and gearing up for the interview.  The interview was recorded on video.

The interview was conducted by Ms Nicole Amarteifio, from the Communications Department. Fifi was asked questions about Guinea, from the recent elections to life in Guinea and what the people of Guinea are like etc. The interview also explored  her passion and profession and what development means to her.

Miss Fifi Soumah used the opportunity to encourage African youth to actively participate in the development of Africa through community service.  As a humanitarian, Miss Africa USA has set up a Foundation called ‘Tears Away’  to help young girls in Guinea and in Africa achieve basic education. Miss Fifi is working with the African Women’s Development Foundation Inc to sponsor young girls by offering scholarships and school supplies to support them through school. She is very concerned that in Guinea for example, aproximately 81% of girls cannot read and write because they do not have access to education.

Miss Africa USA, Fifi Soumah is working on changing that by supporting girls from deprived backgrounds to attain an education. She is also campaigning against the practice of Female Genital Mutilation which puts the health of women at risk and thereby hinders development  because if women are sick due to FGM they cannot be as productive as they should.

The World Bank Youth Series on Development is recorded on video and will be released in January 2011, the video will be played at the World Bank and on the World Bank’s  social network sites.  We will keep all readers informed as soon as the video is released.  Fifi Soumah joined the ranks of other African Youth Leaders like Korto Momolu (young African Designer from Liberia and former Participant of Project Runway) who has also been interviewed on the African Youth Series at the World Bank.

Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah and Nicole Amarteifio after the interview at the World Bank.

Miss Fifi Soumah at the World Bank in Washington DC

Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah and Lady Kate Njeuma, CEO of Miss Africa USA PAGEANT

at the World Bank in Washington DC

MISS AFRICA USA FIFI SOUMAH: Participates in the First International Women’s Luncheon by The Leon H Sullivan Foundation in Atlanta Ga

Our Time Together
We believe that the peace, balance and preservation of our planet will be significantly fueled and nurtured by women who have learned to take care of themselves and each other.
The International Women’s Luncheon Theme:  ‘ I’M EVERY WOMAN’
is as expressive, multi-nuanced and yet as simple as women around the world. (Leon H Sullivan Foundation, International Women’s Luncheon 2010)

Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta

The very first in the Leon H Sullivan Foundation’s history, the International Women’s Luncheon was a huge success, pulling together a very dynamic group of women speakers who are not only successful in their careers, from Politicians to business women and humanitarians but more so as role models for other women, sharing their experiences on how to navigate through life and be the woman you are meant to be.  From survival tactics as a woman in higher management, to navigating your way successfully in a male dominated career as a Politician, the women brought the message home.  On a bright and beautiful day in the heart of downtown Atlanta, women gathered for a luncheon that inspired so many, a luncheon that left guests wanting more and more from the speakers but sadly when time was up, there had to be a close. That is how good the International Luncheon was.

Panelists take their seats at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta

Set in the beautiful Marriott Marquis in Atlanta Ga, the guests were served with a very delicious platta of Southern delights, each with a nice little gift bag with goodies from Macy’s and seated next to other women of substance, with a great opportunity to network, the atmosphere was just right for EVERY WOMAN and MAN present.

You couldn’t ask for  more from the Panelists, strong successful and dynamic women, ready to share their success stories with everyone.  The Panelists for the luncheon were: Diana L Bell, Sr Vice President , Hewitt Packard Co (ret),  Her Excellency Erieka Bennett (PhD), Chief of Mission, Diaspora Africa Forum,  Honorable Mbarka Bouiada, Member of House of Representatives, Morocco, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, President, Bennett College, Mecca Moore, President, National Sales Network and Bernadette Paolo, President, The Africa Society.

Miss Africa USA 2010 Fatoumata Fifi Soumah with Panelists at he Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon 'I'M EVERY WOMAN' Sept 28 2010.


Mrs Carolyn Young, wife of His Excellency Ambassador Andrew Young. Mrs Young served as the Honorary Luncheon Chair.

Mrs Carolyn Young, the wife of Ambassador Andrew Young served as the Honorary Chair of the International Women’s Luncheon. A very dynamic woman and a great speaker, she gave a very moving speech.  The theme of the Luncheon centered around the various roles that women play in society, basically women do everything, ‘ we are rich, poor, thriving, suffering, hopeless and hopeful. We are primary teachers, confidants, accountants, cooks, counselors and negotiators……

Hope Sullivan Masters, CEO and Founder of the Leon H Sullivan Foundation, welcomes guests at the first International Women's Luncheon organized by the Foundation as part of the Africa Policy Forum series of events, in Atlanta

We are Presidents, writers, politicians, dancers, engineers, bakers and entertainer; wives, mothers, daughters and friends. We are vastly different yet we all want peace, safety, enough prosperity, good health for ourselves and families and a better world in which our children can thrive.  We are every woman because of the myriad roles that we assume throughout life, but also because we are our sisters’ keepers” (Leon H Sullivan Foundation: Africa Policy Forum; International Women’s Luncheon 2010)

The Moderator of the Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon, Angela Chester-Johnson, Vice President, Protocol and Strategic Outreach for the Leon H Sullivan Foundation, sets off the conversation.

Amanda Davis, Anchor, Fox Television News served as the Mistress of Ceremony for the Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta

Her Excellency Erieka Bennet PhD

Her Excellency Dr. Erieka Bennett, Chief of Mission for the African Diaspora Forum, flew in from Ghana to Speak at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation’s ‘Africa Policy Forum.  Dr. Bennett is at the forefront of the the current wave encouraging Africa diaspora to look back to Africa and help the development of Africa through investment and building of the civil society. The Africa Diaspora,  she explains includes those Africans who were forcefully removed from Africa through slavery and those continental Africans who left the continent in search for better lives and greener pastures in Europe, North America and elsewhere.  Her work and efforts through the African Diaspora Forum is certainly in line with the mission of the Leon H Sullivan Foundation. It was certainly an honor to meet Dr. Bennett and all the dynamic speakers at the International Women’s Luncheon, sharing their experiences, life challenges and successes as women leaders.

Dr. Julianne Malveaux, President, Bennett College

Dr. Julianne Malveaux is currently the President of Bennett College in North Carolina, a top rated educational institution for black women. A renowned Economist, educationist, author and motivational speaker, Dr. Malveaux,  a very successful woman shared her experiences and how she navigates her way to the top and stays at the top, the challenges that women face and the inspiration and motivation within that keeps her going strong.


Bernadette Paolo, President of The Africa Society Speaks at the Leon H Sullivan Foundatio, International Women's Luncheon, part of the Series of Events for The Africa Policy Forum in Atlanta Ga.


The young and very dynamic Mecca Moore, President of National Sales Network speaks at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta Ga 2010

Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta

The conversations continued with keened interests from the guests as speaker after speaker told their stories of success and the challenges at every step of the ladder and what really makes a woman successful.  Pictured above, Honorable Mbarka Bouaida, Member of  the House of Representatives in Morocco who flew in for the Africa Policy Forum shares her experience as a woman in the male dominated arena of Politics. As a Politician in Africa she brought in the African experience of women in Politics, she stated some very amazing statistics on the growing involvement of Moroccan women in Politics, a rate that beats even the developed countries.  The current leadership of Morocco is all about promoting women to take up their roles in the development of the country and Politics is just one area that this recent wave of women participation is being felt, something that all African countries need to emulate.

The next Africa Summit organized by the Leon H Sullivan Foundation will be held in Morocco in 2011, more information to be released soon by the Foundation.


Panelist, Diana L Bell, Senior Vice President of Hewlett Packard Co (ret), shares her experience in leadership in the corporate world, at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation International Women's Luncheon 2010 in Atlanta Ga.

Miss Africa Fifi Soumah introduced by Angela Chester-Johnson the moderator, at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta.

Miss Africa USA was able to share a little about her project with the guests and speakers at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation’s International Women’s Luncheon.  The first beauty Queen to take up a Women’s Issue as her Platform, Queen Fifi Soumah is speaking out against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) a cultural practice which violates the rights of of girls and women and leaves the woman at risk and in danger during child birth.  Queen Fifi has also adopted 2 schools in the Republic of Guinea and a group of young girls from disadvantaged homes in Guinea to sponsor them through school so they too can learn to read and write and get the benefit of education. She was very happy to be a part of such an empowering and inspiring forum for women.  She was certainly inspired by the caliber of women she met at the Luncheon.

Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah with Honorable Mbarka Bouaida at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta. Hon. Mbarka Bouaida is also one of the youngest members of the House of Representatives in Morocco.

Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah and Rev, Dr. Barbara King (Queen Mother of Ghana) at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta. Rev. Dr. Barbara King had served as a Judge in the 2008 Miss Africa USA Pageant which was held in Clayton County Ga where Nyasha Zimucha was crowned Queen. It was a great pleasure to see her again at the International Women's Luncheon.

Miss Africa USA Fifi Soumah with one of the dynamic speakers at the Luncheon Mecca Moore (in red), President of National Sales Networ and guests at the Leon H Sullivan Foundation: International Women's Luncheon in Atlanta.

The International Women’s Luncheon which was sponsored by Coca Cola Company and Macy’s, was part of a series of Events for the Africa Policy Forum may have been the first for the Sullivan Foundation but it certainly will not be the last.  As women around the world look forward to celebrating the 100th (century) year of the Women’s Liberation Movement in 2011, I am sure the Leon H Sullivan Foundation will be giving women an even bigger and better treat to celebrate the women’s movement.  The luncheon was a teaser that no one wanted to end, everyone sat in place and listened, many had questions to ask and stories to share but before we knew it, it was over.  Congratulations to the Sullivan Foundation for bringing women together in the light of  being ‘MY SISTER’S KEEPER’ because  I’M EVERY WOMAN’.

Thank you

Lady Kate Njeuma (Author)